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With StarvishCARE we take total responsibility for the smooth running of your systems, so you don’t have to worry about them. StarvishCARE provides you with a highly effective computer maintenance and support service for a low fixed monthly price, so you know exactly what your IT budget will be, with no surprises.Our proactive approach and suggestions will be the key for maintenance and even when your system appears to be operating perfectly fine. This means that the number and severity of problems you will encounter is highly reduced compared to the usual break and fix approach. We prevent things going wrong in the first place, yet we’re able to respond quickly when they do, saving you time and money!

What Are The Key StarvishCARE Benefits?

Real Cash Savings

  • By reducing faults, maintaining system efficiency and providing you with advice on best use, we can help to save you thousands of pounds a year.
  • A fully managed service which offers the quality, reliability and trust of your own in-house IT department but at a fraction of the cost.

Your IT Responsibilities Are Removed

  • You and your staff can again focus on making your business a success rather than worrying about the technology.
  • Leave the operation of your computer systems to the experts to ensure they run well. Don’t worry any more about breakdowns, viruses, Spyware or other risks.

Your Systems Are Proactively Monitored To Prevent Problems

  • Regular housekeeping and servicing massively reduces the deterioration of your computers which slowly robs the business of time and efficiency, reduces system crashes which lead to costly repairs and significant loss of productivity, and prolongs the life of your computers.
  • Keeping your anti-virus and anti-Spyware software fully up to date and systems regularly checked and security-patched ensures your data remains safe and secure.

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